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Launched in 1970, Earth Day has grown in Canada to Earth Week and stands as an opportunity to stage events and projects to address local issues.  Here are a few ways to celebrate locally: 

Plant Swap  
Join the Green Streets Plant Swap on April 22 from 1-4 pm at the Tupper Greenway (500 block of East 23rd Ave).  Here you can swap and buy plants, trade or donate old gardening tools, get advice from master gardeners, partake in Earth Day activities hosted by Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School leadership students, or bring an item for the potluck snack table.  Email for more information.

Earth Day Vancouver
Join in the Earth Day festivities at Everett Crowley Park (entrance at Kerr Street and 64th Avenue) on April 21 from 11am to 4pm.  Everyone’s welcome. Volunteers can help plant 1,000 native trees. 

Earth Day Parade
Join the Earth Day parade, celebration and day of learning on April 22 at 11am.  The parade will proceed north from the Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station along Commercial Drive to Grandview Park.  Once there, enjoy funky live music, a family tent, a student art competition, hands-on activities, and special guest speakers. 

Evergreens’s Green City Race
Race against the clock using public transit and your own two feet on April 21 from 11am to 2pm (awards ceremony to follow).  Your team’s physical, mental and environmental savvy will be put to the test.  Find out more or register ($40 each).

Earth Day Market
Check out the Slow Food Vancouver and Winter Farmers Market special Earth Day Market on April 21.  Here you’ll find kids activities, demonstrations and talks by Slow Food experts as well as a scavenger hunt and a ‘taste the distance’ comparison between market produce and imported produce. 

(From the One Day Vancouver Online Newsletter)

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Celebrate cycling this month at the ‘Year of the Bike’ Kick-off Party on April 28 from 1-4pm at Woodward’s.  Join VACC for some family-friendly bike fun including a bike rodeo, bike decorating, face painting, a unicycle station, prizes, and much more.

(From OneDayVancouver online newsletter)

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Rehabilitation of False Creek

A century ago, False Creek was a toxic mess. Today, aquatic creatures from herring to whales are coming back, thanks to efforts such as the newly built Habitat Island.
Now it’s time to determine the next steps in this remarkable transformation. Check out this video from Sustainable Region TV:

Links: (http://vancouver.ca/olympicvillage/habitatisland.htm)  (http://www.ec.gc.ca/pbjo-bpog/default.asp?lang=En&n=5F0CA7DE-1)

Source: One Day Vancouver enews, March 2012

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Charge And Go Vancouver electric vehicle infrastructure trial

Going Electric

On February 22, the City launched an $800,000 Charge And Go Vancouver electric vehicle infrastructure trial, which will see at least 67 chargers for use at home, work and ‘on-the-go’ installed by the end of 2013.  The trial, funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (via funding from the Government of Canada), the Province of BC, BC Hydro and the City will help us better understand installation needs and the suitability of different sites while increasing the opportunity for electric vehicle owners to charge their rides.

Source: One Day Vancouver monthly email of March 2012

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Hitler not a Vegetarian, according to new book!

Excerpts from Loose Cannons: 101 myths, mishaps, and misadventures of military history, by Graeme Donald. 1st US publishing in 2011, UK 2009;
“Contrary to general opinion, Hitler was neither the vegetarian nor the teetotaler touted by Joseph Goebbels, who wished to project the image of a revolutionary ascetic. It is true that his doctors put him on a low-meat diet from time to time, but this was to reduce his excessive flatulence and profuse sweating.

Immediately after the death of his beloved Geli he frequently professed an abhorrence of meat, but Dione Lucas, a chef who used to prepare Hitler’s meals when he dined in Hamburg in the 1930’s, wrote in her Gourmet Cooking School Book: “I do not mean to spoil your appetite for stuffed squab, but you might be interested to know that it was a great favorite with Hitler, who dined at the Hotel often. Let us not hold that against this fine recipe, though.”

Both Robert Payne’s Life and Death of Adolf Hitler (1973) and J. H. Toland’s Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976) mention his fondness for Bavarian hams and sausage, and Albert Speer’s memoirs mention Hitler’s insistence on a well stocked meat locker in his bunker.”

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EAC is a VPL staff/Cupe Local 391, volunteer group formed in January of 1991 with the following goals and objectives:

To educate staff about environmental and social issues

To create and initiate programs within the Vancouver Public Library

To support like programs and initiatives put forward by VPL staff, other locals and worksites within the City of Vancouver

Union Members

Keith Edwards (Co-Chair)
Jane Curry
Sita Kumar
Pippa Rogers
Mark Whittam

Recycling at VPL

EAC Staff Wiki - includes resources, minutes, reports and projects (internal VPL access only)

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling at the Vancouver Public Library - 2012 Edition (pdf)



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